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ABUS uGrip Bordo 5700C/80 BK Falt-Zahlenschloss
Bordo Combo 6100/90 SH folding-lock
The Abus Bordo Combo 6100 is basically the same lock as the famous Bordo 6000, but instead of keys with a 4-digit combination. We offer it in two colours and...
€64.90 * €89.90 *
Abus uGrip BORDO 5700 Combo Folding Lock
Abus uGrip BORDO 5700 Combo Folding Lock
The Abus uGrip Bordo 5700 Combo is a quick and easy-to-use folding lock offering an outstanding level of protection. It works through a numeric code and can,...
€89.90 *
Kryptonite Evolution 790 Faltschloss (schwarz / orange)
Kryptonite Evolution 790 Faltschloss
Das erste Kryptonite Evolution Faltschloss bietet ein sehr hohes Maß an Sicherheit mit kompakten Abmessungen mit möglich niedrigem Gewicht. Gummierte...
€109.90 * €125.00 *
Kryptonite Keeper 510 Foldable Lock (100cm)
Kryptonite Keeper 510 Foldable Lock
Finally: The extra-long foldable lock from Kryptonite is here! The "Keeper 510 Fold" can be easily attached to the frame thanks to its 100cm length....
€69.90 *
Kryptonite U-Lock New York Standard (10x20cm)
Kryptonite New York Standard U-Lock
THE NEW YORK BICYCLE U-LOCK FROM KRYPTONITE! Extremely robust thanks to a double locking mechanism and an oversize crossbar. The lock is made of 18mm...
€129.00 *
Kryptonite Folding Lock KryptoLok 610S
Kryptonite KryptoLok 610S Folding Lock
The new Kryptonite folding lock offers a high level of security with its compact dimensions and low weight. Rubberized steel links protect the paint from...
€99.00 *
Hiplok POP Cable Lock in 130cm length (Lime color)
Hiplok POP Cable Lock (Lime)
The Hiplock POP is a light, simple cable lock that can be carried adjusted to your waist while riding your bike. With a length of 130cm, it allows a wide...
€29.90 *
Hiplok E-DX chain lock with D-lock and Z-lock
Hiplok E-DX Chain Lock (with D-lock and Z-lock)
The British bicycle lock experts have come up with another great innovation: The E-DX is Hiplok's first chain lock specially designed for cargo and e-bikes ....
€129.00 *
Hiplok Z LOK Security Tie
Hiplok Z LOK Security Tie
You already know the problem: you want to do a pit stop by the bakery, café, or kiosk and leave your bike standing outside for a moment. Thanks to Hiplok we...
€12.90 *
Hiplok Homie Chain Lock (150cm)
Hiplok HOMIE Chain Lock (150cm)
What a chain! The Hiplok HOMIE is a chain lock with a massive strength and a comfortable length of 150cm. The HOMIE is the highest standard security (Gold)...
€119.90 *
Abus uGrip Bordo 5700/100 folding-lock 100cm length (black)
Abus uGrip Bordo 5700/100 folding-lock (100cm)
The Abus uGrip Bordo 5700/100 offers good protection at low to medium theft risk. It is the longer version of the well-known basic uGrip folding lock with...
€69.90 * €79.90 *
Hiplok Spin wearable bicycle chain-lock with 4-digit combination lock (black)
Hiplok Spin - wearable bicycle-lock with combination dial
Clever safety for your singlespeed or fixedgear bike: the new wearable bicycle-lock with combination dial from Hiplok UK is now in stock! With a length of...
€44.90 *

Keep your bonvelo bike as safe as possible

There’s no such thing as complete security, but you can make life as hard as possible for thieves with a lock that is just right for your bike and your needs. The chances of bicycles getting stolen are generally higher in cities than outside, so you should use a lock with a higher security rating accordingly. Just about every customer asks us which is the right lock for their bicycle, which is why we have decided to offer a wide selection of the most popular brands and manufacturers in Germany. . Bike locks made by Kryptonite, an American manufacturer, are a great value. These locks are available as a U-lock with a frame bracket and as a chain lock in a number of sizes and security ratings. U-locks can be mounted directly onto the frame of your single-speed bike using the included bracket, which is a strong argument for this type of lock, along with its high level of security. Kryptonite also offers great extra services. For example, the first time you lose your key, they’ll provide you with a free replacement. Locks by Hiplok are innovative and can be worn on your body. These bike locks are available as U-locks or chain locks. If you have any questions about individual bike lock models, feel free to contact our team!!

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