bonvelo Fixie und Singlespeed Bikes

»no middlemen - no twaddle. Just good bikes at the best price. This is bonvelo.« 

Sven Hoffmann (founder and addicted to bicycles)


What motivated you to start bonvelo?

My motivation was the love for bikes, it doesn't matter where, with a bike is much more fun. It is good for you and the environment - it doesn't matter whether it is only briefly to the Baker or 300 kilometres non-stop on the saddle.


Why a bonvelo?

Fancy and high-quality bikes have become almost prohibitively expensive for many people. In addition, the high price stops many owners from using  their bikes in everyday life, often due to lack of safe parking areas at universities or downtown.

This problem was also the origin point for bonvelo. The goal: our bikes have to satisfy the high demands on design and quality, and because of the lower price, have to bring more people to use a bike in their everyday life.


Direct to your door

To achieve this goal, we have built a business model without middlemen, which doesn't increase the price. From frame design to production, logistics and distribution, we have all under our control. In order to avoid middlemen, our bikes are only available in the online shop - this is the only way to offer you a good price that assures you a value for money.


How does this model exactly work?

We decide the design of the frame of the bikes and also which components the bikes should have here, in Hamburg. The frames are produced in Asia, according to our specifications: high quality powder-coated. The assembly components are send direct to us in Hamburg. Each bicycle is checked accurately in Hamburg by us, before sending it. We also make any necessary adjustments before send it to you.  By the time of the shipment, the bike will be 85% assembled and put into a special shipping box from UPS. Once you receive your bike, you just need to assemble the handlebar, the saddle, the pedals and the front wheel. Then you can go for a ride!


Personal service

We are a small company in Hamburg. Good service and availability are the keys of our business. We are available for all your questions by phone, email ( or via Facebook, Instagram (@ and Twitter (@bonvelo_de) daily from Monday to Saturday.



It is a major matter for us. We offer only certified payment options such as Paypal, immediate transfer and credit card payment. We work together with DHL and GLS for a trusty delivery of our products.