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Everything you need to know about singlespeed and fixed-gear bikes from bonvelo.

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Why is the price of bonvelo singlespeed bikes so reasonable?

Our goal was always to offer great bikes at a surprisingly low price. This is why we created very direct processes from the design to manufacturing and right to your doorstep. This means we don’t need intermediate retailers or wholesalers, which makes this great value for money possible. You can read about how happy our customers are with the quality of our single-speed bikes in our Trusted Shops profile – our favorite kind of affirmation!

Do you ship to customers outside Germany?

Yes, we love to do that! Actually we are shipping our bikes to the following countries: Austria, Denmark, Netherlands and Spain. Shipping costs are reasonable €49,90 per Bike.

What do i need to assemble after my bike has been delivered?

Our bikes are 85% assembled when they are delivered by DHL or Hermes. Final assembly will only take a few minutes. All of the tools required for assembly are included with your bike. Once you’ve taken your bicycle out of the bike box, there are only a few steps left until your bike is fully assembled:

  • Hook in the front wheel and tighten it using the 15mm key.
  • Insert the handlebars and tighten the 4 Allen screws at the stem equally.
  • Screw in the pedals (labeled with L/R stickers) and tighten
  • Insert the saddle and tighten it at the right height
  • Each customer will also receive a booklet with tips and tricks on how to assemble and care for their bonvelo bike. Easy peasy!
How good are your bikes?

Our bikes are designed for daily use and can really take a beating. This is why we used 32 classic spokes per wheel, which can handle potholes without any problems. The Thickslick tires has an extra-thick layer of rubber on the outer side and offer excellent protection as well as great handling. We use high-tech Novatec hubs with sealed industrial bearings in our wheels. The manufacturing of the ball bearings is very high-quality, providing excellent protection from moisture. Add to that dual-pivot caliper brakes by Promax with ultra-strong grip, a reliable Neco headset and sealed inner bearings by Neco and you’ve got a truly great bike. Our pedals are made of aluminum by the well-known manufacturer Wellgo.

The aerodynamic frames are designed and developed by us and manufactured by our producer exclusively for bonvelo from tension-resistant hi-ten steel. The result is a dynamic, agile and resilient bike for daily use – and the positive feedback from our customers confirms this every day.

The price advantage of our bikes comes from our direct processes, especially in purchasing and sales – without sacrificing any quality in our single-speed and fixie bikes!

What is a singlespeed or fixed-gear bike?

All our bicycles have only one speed. They are designed for fast riding in flat or slightly hilly areas. The “flip-flop” hub on the back wheel allows you to switch between a freewheel (single-speed) and a fixed gear (fixie) in just a few steps. All you have to do is take off the back wheel, turn it around, put it back on – and you’re ready to go! 

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Where can I take my bike for repairs or inspection?

Our bikes are designed to require minimal maintenance – but of course, like any vehicle, they do occasionally need a bit of TLC. You can probably do a lot of that yourself. If not, just ask your local bike shop. Our bikes have only established components that are known and available in most bicycle repair shops.

Are your bikes also sold in stores?

No, our bikes and wheels are only available online for the reasons listed above. We have created a showroom for our customers in the Hamburg, Germany, area. Here, you can pick up bikes you have ordered from us or try out our bikes. The showroom is open on monday, tuesday, thursday and friday from 9 AM to 4 PM, wednesday from 10 AM to 6 PM and on Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM. The address is: bonvelo - Theodorstrasse 41 / Hof K - 22761 Hamburg

You can also book your testride in the Berlin aund Munich area at our partners from Listandride


Could i also pick-up my bike in person?

Of course you can! We’ll even assemble it for you if you want – then you can ride it out the door! If you want to pick your bike up, please select “Pick Up” at checkout in the shop. Obviously there are no shipping costs if you pick up your bike in the bike-box, if you want to have it assembled and ready-to-ride we need to charge a fee of €25 .The bike can be picked up from our showroom at Theodorstrasse 41K in 22761 Hamburg, Germany. Our store is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. On Wednesdays we are open from 10 AM to 4 PM, and from 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturdays. Come on over – we look forward to your visit!

Delivery time and packaging

We ship our bicycles exclusively via our shipping partners DHL and Hermes. Our bikes are usually delivered in 3-4 days within Europe (1-2 days in Germany). The bikes are padded in their bonvelo bike box, which is specifically tailored for each frame size, to provide the best protection from any damage. The packaging is designed especially for bicycles, which is why accessories will be packaged separately from the bicycle, even if they are ordered at the same time.

Accessories and wheels are shipped daily via DHL. These are also generally delivered in 2-3 days within Europe (1-2 days in Germany). 

How is the service and reachability at bonvelo?

We are a small company from Hamburg, Germany, and we value service, transparency and reachability. All our bikes are carefully inspected before they leave our warehouse. If something doesn’t meet your expectations, you can contact us by telephone (Monday-Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM), by email or via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). We can be reached at our office and warehouse in Hamburg Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. We generally reply within 24 hours, usually much faster.

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