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Continental Gator Hardshell Black/Black (700x28C)
Continental Gator Hardshell - 28mm Width
Puncture protection and milage are the strengths of Hardshell-ProTection. A wider Poly X Breaker protects against punctures both under the tread center and...
€46.90 *
Bicycle tube SV15 with 60mm long valve
Bicycle Tube SV15 with 60mm Valve
Are you looking for a replacement tube for your singlespeed & fixie bike? The SV15 tube from Schwalbe fits all bonvelo bikes with tire widths from 25mm to...
€8.90 *
WTB Freedom Thickslick bike tires with Flat Guard puncture protection
Freedom Thickslick Flat Guard Tire - 28mm Width
The Thickslick with Flat Guard puncture protection from WTB-Freedom is the tire of the New York bike messengers. Designed for uncompromising use in the city,...
€34.90 * €42.90 *
WTB tire Riddler TCS 700C 37mm width (Black/Tan)
Riddler Tires 37x622 (suitable for RAKEDE Boost)
For the new singlespeed E-Bike we deliberately decided to use this WTB tire, which is basically designed to use on gravel and off-road. In the comfortable...
€36.90 * €59.90 *
Continental Gatorskin tire for singlespeed / fixedgear bicycles
Continental Gatorskin (25mm/28mm/32mm)
The Continetal Gatorskin (25mm/28mm/32mm) the right tire when it comes to tough conditions on the streets of your city. The right choice for a strong...
€39.90 *
Schwalbe Marathon HS440 bicycle tire 700/28C
Schwalbe Marathon HS420
Schwalbe Marathon HS420 in 28mm - The original . The archetypal high quality touring tire. The highly elastic GreenGuard layer is 3 mm thick. One third of...
From €34.90 *
Continental SuperSport Plus tire especially for singlespeed and fixedgear bikes (700x28C)
Continental SuperSport Plus tire
The premium-tire for all of our fixed-riders! Continental developed this SuperSport Plus tires especially for the needs of messengers, daily commuters and...
€22.90 * €29.90 *
WTB Freedom Thickslick Competition tire for singlespeed and urban fixed-gear bikes (black)
Freedom Thickslick Singlespeed tire (700x28c)
The Freedom Thickslick it is not only an eyecatcher, it is also one of the most successful tire on singlespeed and fixedgear-bikes worldwide. Due to a...
From €26.90 * €36.90 *
Continental Race tube (700C/60mm SV)
Continental Race tube (700C/60mm SV)
Looking for a new tube that fits to Singlespeed Bikes or Wheelsets from bonvelo? This one is the perfect replacement if your tire or tube is punctured: the...
€8.90 *
Schwalbe Marathon Racer HS429 Bicycle tire for Singlespeed Bikes (700X30c)
Schwalbe Marathon Racer HS429 Singlespeed tire
It is the lightes tire in the Schwalbe Marathon range: the Schwalbe Marathon Racer HS429 is available in 30mm wide size in our store. It fits perfect on all...
€32.90 *
Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS440 Singlespeed tire (28mm)
Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS440 Singlespeed tire
There is no other tire that is on the same level if you are looking for puncture-safety. It is the the choice of many commuters that need to count 100% in...
€34.90 *